24 comments on “Guest Book

  1. Very Cool to see the website up and running. Good luck from Sugar in the
    the 2nd best band in Horton live at DANDEE studio.

    • Thanks! Things are going well here…..still a few things to post like all the band pics since 1976.
      I am sure there will be a few ” hair comments “….lol

  2. Congrats Danny!!! a pile o work on the site, and your facilities are top notch… All the Best!

    • Hey Mister….Still working on that part of the website. Should be done by the end of the month and if your kids need an Elvis costume for Halloween give me a call…lol

  3. Never thought I could do it but am a believer after only 3 lessons from you. Outstanding one on one sessions producing unbelieveable results. Thanks Danny

  4. Hey Danny great work on the web site. Hope things are going well, looking forward to a jam in the future. Best of luck. ( Doesn’t seem that long ago we were 18 and rockin on the road)

    • Thanks Rick! We have spent a lot of time on it. Love to jam with you guys again…..soon I hope.
      Yes I do have some pictures of us on the road. I will be posting pictures of all the bands. Take care and Thanks again for the nice words…..dd

  5. Website looks awesome and I love the “About you page” where you mention that you are married to your sweetheart!!! Very cool Danny.

  6. hey awesome to see you guys at it again, once musics in yer blood it don`t ever go away. tell ted ron says hey from Calgary and he should e-mail me thanks

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